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31 janvier 2006 2 31 /01 /janvier /2006 18:00
Internet is filled of sites and blogs in all kinds... To live as a Christian, a blog moreover?

Yes some will say (of which me, sometimes...!); not, will think of others. Always it that the creation of this blog does not rest, at the base is, that on a very simple desire: to share my faith!

Following a pilgrimage carried out in Rome, in April 2005, I felt the desire for dividing, for communicating to others, this faith always more growing which animates me and make me live. Having a wel  established parochial life (and even developed), I will have been able
very well to satisfy me with human contacts, within my parish. Only, the desire for going residence further. Almost falling by chance on a shelterer from blog, I say myself then: "yes, why not such an idea!"

My blog "was born" on May 3, 2005. What do I make there? I publish all there that touches me closely, all that makes live my faith, the prayers which mark me, topicality of the Church; on the other hand, you will find there only very little policy and comments on the topicality in general. This blog is there to testify to you to my faith, and to propose to you what touches me closely, without making comments, nor to fall into the pure catechesis; I do not have the means of them; this is why, at the end of precise articles, I will also propose to you a series of bonds treating of the same subject, on official sites.

To live as a Christian does not have vocation to seek the audience, quite to the contrary; my blog is a such bottle thrown to the sea, which one is brought to collect by chance (although I do not believe randomly). However, the number increasingly larger visitors more encourages me each day to continue, and to update as often as possible (3 times per week on average).

Relating to me (because you have the right to know who I am!) : I am called Olivier, I have between 20 and 30 years (I leave a share all the same mystery plane with the top of me!), and I live in the East of France.

good naviguation, and good road with you

Olivier, blogmaster

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